Fun Outdoor Arts & Crafts Activities For Kids

Crafting isn’t just for rainy days! Getting stuck into creative art projects is even more fun outdoors when the weather’s bright and cheery. Not only is crafting fun, but it’s beneficial to children’s emotional and cognitive development. In particular, crafting improves fine motor skills — the use of small muscles in the hands and wrists — and coordination. And we all know kids love collecting flowers, leaves, and twigs, so why not put these treasures to good use? Here are three outdoor crafting activities your kids will love. 

Painted sticks

So simple yet so fun, your kids are bound to love painting sticks! Go outside and collect a nice bundle of sticks — smoother ones are easiest to paint. Set up a painting station — which only needs non-toxic paints, paint brushes, and a jar of water — either on a garden table or on the grass. If your child has allergies, synthetic grass is a non-allergenic option. Paint the sticks with a first coat of paint and leave to dry for a few minutes before painting fun patterns on top.

Pebble mosaics

Pebble mosaics are a creative and beautiful crafting activity. Firstly, collect the perfect pebbles to include in the mosaics. Wash and dry them. To make the mosaics, whip up some salt dough by mixing 3 cups of flour, 1 cup of salt, and 1 ½ cups of water in an electric mixer. Add more water if dry. Knead your dough until smooth and shape into three separate balls. Line a baking sheet with foil and place the balls onto it. Flatten them into disk shapes. Press in the pebbles to create a design. Bake the mosaics for two hours at 275 degrees.

Nature collages

Nature collages are a fun and easy way to get crafty — and they don’t have to cost you anything! All you need is a sheet of study white cardboard and non-toxic glue. You can even add some color to the canvas by painting it before creating the collage. While the paint dries, get the children to collect flowers and leaves; lots of colorful petals make for the prettiest works of art. Then simply glue the leaves and petals onto the canvas and hang the finished design wherever needs cheering up!

Outdoor crafting activities are the perfect way to get kids outside in fresh air and interacting with nature. Most importantly, they’ll have endless fun coming up with their own creative designs. We hope you enjoy these three outdoor crafting activities!