Christmas crafts for kids

this page has lots of paper Christmas craft and project for kids.

1. Christmas paper chains!

Make two different types of paper chains!
Materials: Christmas wrapping paper, scissors, glue
Paper chain 1 instructions:
1. Cut the wrapping paper into strips, approximately 20cm long and 3cm wide.
2. Bend one strip into a circle and glue the ends together.
3. Put another strip through the circle and glue the ends together to make another circle.
4. Put another strip through the second circle and glue the ends together to make another
5. Continue until you have a long, colourful chain. Decorate your room!
Paper chain 2 instructions:
1. Take two long strips of paper. Put one end of each strip together, but at right angles. Glue
the ends together.
2. Fold the strips over each other until you reach the end of the paper. Glue the ends
3. Carefully open out your paper chain. Decorate your room!

2. Christmas tree decorations!

Make Christmas tree decorations from old Christmas cards!
Materials: old Christmas cards, wrapping paper or aluminium foil, scissors, glue, ribbon
1. Cut out different Christmas pictures from old Christmas cards.
2. Glue wrapping paper or aluminium foil to the back of the pictures. Cut around the picture.
3. Make a hole in the top of the picture (ask an adult to help you). Put a piece of ribbon
through the hole and tie a knot. Hang your decorations on your tree!

3. Christmas cards!

Make a Christmas card for someone special!
Materials: card, scissors, glue, colours (pencils or felt tips), cotton wool, glitter, aluminium foil
1. Fold a piece of card in half.
2. Draw a tree, snowman or another Christmas picture on the front of card. Or you can print a
picture from these Christmas flashcards and glue it on the card instead:

3. Decorate your card! Use colours, glitter, or aluminium foil. If you have
drawn a snowman or a Santa, you could glue cotton wool on the
snowman’s body, or on Santa’s moustache and beard.
4. Write a Christmas message inside, for example: “Merry Christmas
and Happy New Year!” Write “Love from” and your name. Give the
card to someone special!

4. Fingerprint robins!

Make pictures using paint and your fingers!
Materials: paper, liquid paints, felt tips
1. Pour some brown paint into a small dish.
2. Dip your thumb into the paint.
3. Press your thumb onto a piece of paper to make the body of a robin.
4. Now pour some red paint into a dish and dip a finger into the paint.
5. Press your finger onto the body to give the robin a red breast.
6. Leave to dry for a few minutes.
7. Draw legs, a beak and eyes with a felt-tip pen.
8. Try making different fingerprint pictures, for example a snowman or a penguin.
9. Use your picture to make a Christmas card or Christmas tree decoration!

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Craft foam Snowman ornament




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paper crhistmas craft (1)

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