İn this category you can find lots of christmas crafts and activities kids,students,parents and preschool teachers.

Santa claus crafts

December 18, 2014 0

This page has a lot of free santa claus and christmas crafts for kids

Christmas crafts for kids

December 15, 2014 0

this page has lots of paper Christmas craft and project for kids. 1. Christmas paper chains! Make two different types of paper chains! Materials: Christmas […]

Making christmas wreath craft

December 15, 2014 0

Making Wreaths Wreaths have been a favorite form of decoration ever since the ancient Greeks honored their heroes with crowns of laurel. More recently, we’ve […]

Christmas card craft for kids

December 14, 2014 0

CHRİSTMAS CARDS This page has lots of christmas card for kids,parents and teachers.Many charities now sell their own charity Christmas cards. This way, the charity […]