Children are greatly affected by their visual world. When dealing with young
children, we try to create an environment for them that is pleasing to be in and look at.
Room arrangement has an effect on the aesthetical appeal of the classroom. Another
tool used to improve the physical surroundings is a bulletin board.
Along with being appealing to the eye, bulletin boards can be used as a teaching
tool. Bulletin boards can illustrate concepts being introduced or reinforced in the class.
Displaying children’s work on bulletin boards will make them feel proud, and increase
their self-esteem. Interactive or manipulative bulletin boards allow children to practices
skills they are learning. Bulletin boards are also an effective communication tool.
There are many things to consider before a bulletin board is even constructed.
Following these guidelines will insure that the bulletin boards you create will be worth the

Animal bulletin board

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This page has a lot of free Animal bulletin board idea for kids,parents and preschool teachers.

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